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Travel Insurance

Travel is exciting, but being away from home brings new risks.

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Protection when you’re traveling.

Reducing stress always improves the travel experience. Investing in a travel insurance policy can put your mind at ease so you can enjoy the journey.

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A travel policy has multiple optional elements:
  • Medical insurance
  • Medical insurance – Treatment cost
  • Medical insurance – Cost of being brought back home (which can be very costly)
  • Baggage/possessions 
  • Cancellation
  • Having to return early (family bereavement or medical emergency)
  • Missing flights

You can choose between a single-trip policy or one that covers all trips for a whole year. Which is a better value for you depends on how many trips you plan to make and where you’re going. It’s worth checking into; just two trips a year can make an annual policy worthwhile.

And for those over 65

Many seniors enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid may assume that their coverage extends seamlessly overseas. However, that’s not the case. In fact, a U.S. passport contains language regarding international coverage with Medicare/Medicaid and encourages travelers to seek other solutions.

To protect yourself from unwanted surprises, here are the gaps that could occur when relying only on Medicare/Medicaid insurance internationally:

  • Medicare/Medicaid policies have limited lifetime coverage overseas – – Outside the United States, Medicare/Medicaid policies only carry a $50,000 lifetime maximum. Just one medical evacuation can max out a policy and place you at risk of needing more coverage.
  • Pay up front and file claims later – – Unlike with GeoBlue plans, domestic policies hold seniors responsible for covering the costs of their treatment until they are able to file a claim for reimbursement. In many cases the domestic policy will only pay for 80 percent of the cost.
  • Travelers coordinate their own care – – GeoBlue coordinates hospital stays, arranges transportation, sets up direct pay, and monitors care. Travelers relying on Medicare/Medicaid would be responsible for managing all those details while battling potential health issues in a foreign city.
  • Access to remote services – – Our Global TeleMD™ smartphone application gives members access to live, remote consultations anytime, anywhere in the world, in their native language. Unlike a domestic policy, they won’t have to leave their location to receive high-quality care.

Contact us if you have any questions – 810-733-0666.

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