Michigan No-Fault Reform

Major changes as of July 2020

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Important Changes for EVERY Michigan Driver

Effective July 2020

State lawmakers made changes to Michigan’s auto insurance no-fault law.  Significant coverage reductions for *personal injury protection (PIP) coverages have been implemented by the insurance bill signed into law July 2020.  These changes are being applied automatically to your auto insurance policy on your renewal date, or if you choose, a date sooner than that.

*Personal Injury Protection: medical coverage paid for by auto insurance carrier*

Your policy will not provide PIP coverage for any of the following:
  • Anyone other than you, your spouse and/or permanent resident relatives driving a vehicle titled in your name
  • A driver not residing in your household but using a vehicle titled in your name
  • Children that have moved out of your home, with no intent of moving back
Coverage suggestions for “maxed-out protection”:
Bodily Injury Liability
$1M per person / $1M per accident
Uninsured Motorist
$1M per person / $1M per accident
Underinsured Motorist
$1M per person / $1M per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Property Damage (out of state)
Property Protection
Personal Liability Umbrella with Uninsured & Underinsured
$1M - $5M