Michigan No-Fault Reform

Major Changes Effective July 2020

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Important Changes for EVERY Michigan Driver

Effective July 2020

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverages have been dramatically changed by the auto insurance bill signed into law July 2020.

Effective that date, PIP medical coverage is reduced from UNLIMITED to $250,000 for drivers of your vehicles that do not live in your household. Plus, the $250,000 of PIP coverage is provided by MACP, not your vehicle’s insurance policy. Even the vehicle’s operator is listed as a driver on your policy.

No-Fault Reform

Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance Changes

State lawmakers recently made significant changes to Michigan’s Auto Insurance No-Fault law. Some changes are effective immediately and impact your current insurance coverage.

Significant Coverage Reduction Effective by July 2020 for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical benefits due  to auto accidents.

Once approved, policy language regarding the PIP benefits provided by your auto insurance policy will be significantly changed. For drivers of your vehicles other than yourself, your spouse and/or resident relatives, the PIP medical benefits will be reduced from UNLIMITED to $250,000. Plus, this coverage is NOT provided by your insurance company, but through the Michigan Assigned Claim Plan.

As a result, if you have either of the following situations, call 1-810-733-0666 today.

  • Anyone other than you, your spouse and/or resident relatives driving a vehicle titled in your name, your policy will not provide PIP coverage. (Even if the unrelated driver is listed on your policy.)
  • A vehicle loaned to a non-household member, your policy will not provide PIP coverage. (Even if the non-resident is listed on your policy.)

If you answered yes to either question, give us a call today to discuss coverage options for these drivers.